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What we do not are

A TECHNICAL OFFICE dedicated to writing and management of constructions of technical projects.

What we are

An office of skilled technicians dedicated to Project Management. This activity encompassing and far exceeds the function of a standard technical office.

Our goal is to help improve the competitiveness companies and organizations, generating synergies between people, processes and technology that enable them to optimize the planned investments and maximize their impact on the results.

We want to be a leader in the Project Management and management methods, providing training and consulting solutions that make possible to increase the competitiveness of companies and organizations.

Our way of being and acting, reflects the will of the partners IMPULSA founders, aspiring to create a company that stands both quality of service as its human quality.
IMPULSA follows a business model intended that all employees grow with the company. We focus on experienced professionals, committed to change and continuous learning.

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  • Impulsa, Dirección de Proyectos, S.L.
  •   Francisco Pizarro 45, 1°
         06200 Almendralejo (Badajoz)
  •   +34 924 670 865
  •   +34 924 670 865
  • info@impulsadp.com